Finding Time

I've been meaning to find time for myself. Time for self-indulgence. "Me" time. I was looking through my old write-ups, old diaries and blogs some time ago. Boy, time really did pass with a blink of an eye. I reflected on my past, I barely remember some of the entries I wrote, but I guess, that was what they were meant to be, keepsakes. The documented memories was what was keeping me on my toes. Sanity check. Sometimes in life, you just need to slow down and turn back the pages, evaluate, and move forward. I'd be better doing that, than just move forward too fast and looking back with "what have I accomplished?" thoughts.

Ok, so this will eventually be, my sanctuary for my thoughts, comments and experiences - literally, about everything that I come across - on life, relationship, food, entertainment to skincare/makeup, travel, right down to the to the spec of dust that agitates my sinus, some of which, may serve as tip or even information sharing. Everything and anything under the sun.

I've been spending quite some time figuring out the right theme, the right layout, the right header for this blog. But every time I stumble on a new find, I find myself in limbo, and I procrastinate my urge to write. There's just about a gazillion thoughts that I wanted so much to scribble out, 99% of time I just end up tweaking the blog.

So for now, I guess, I need to kick start the engine, and let the ride flow. I'll eventually find the time to make things right. Opps, I meant, make this blog look the way I like it, personalize it, and let my thoughts flow. Yeah.  

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