What's in the package?

I got hooked on StrawberryNet for a good few weeks. What can I say? They have good range of products - skincare, makeup & fragrance. Throw in free shipping anywhere in the world (most importantly, to Malaysia tehehe), special loyalty discount, free item for new customer, and coincidentally they were giving out free Stila makeup (for winning some Bizrate online customer survey), I was instantly sold! Yes, I am a sucker for discounts and free items, who's not! 

So I made my purchase (this happened back some time mid-Aug) checked out my shopping basket, and I got the order confirmation email within a few hours. My order was dispatched on the very same day (I chose the "Free Shipping by Registered Post" option). The website mentioned :

4-6 postal working days for capital cities.
7-10 postal working days for other destinations.
10-14 postal working days for more inaccessible destinations. 

I wasn't sure if my address was listed as "capital cities" or "other destinations", but I'd give a buffer of between 4 to 10 days. I was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive, each day passed with the excitement building up.

So 4 days went by, when I got home, I found the package on my desk. *wheeee*
The items were carefully packed, let the pictures below do justice.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to name my purchase. Items I picked out:
The other 2 items from Stila are free with my purchase (1 for new customer, 1 for Bizrate customer survey).
Pic 1 : Still in their wraps/boxes

Pic 2 : Unboxed *wheeee*

Pic 3 : Stila Items 
(look at 'em details on the case, pretty, isn't it?)

Pic 4 : Benefit's Valley of the Stars kit

Pic 5: Benefit's Powder Pop! Palette

Both the Benefit items were on 50% discount at the time of purchase. If memory serves me right, the Valley of the Stars kit was retailing at USD28 (I got it at RM50 after discount) , and the Powder Pop! at USD 30 (I got it at RM53.50 after discount). I can't confirm the RPP from Benefit's website anymore, I reckon they've been discontinued, no where indicated that they were limited edition though.   

Such great bargain!!! Trust me, If you even find this over the counter, it ain't cheap, Benefit cosmetics usually retails way about RM100-ish.

Excellent service from StrawberryNet too! When I checked the custom slip on the package, it actually arrived at my district post office just 2 days the package left Hong Kong. How about that! No hassle, no complaints. Now, that is just my experience, I've read some unsatisfactory reviews on the services, but it isn't so bad.  

Will I continue to purchase from StrawberryNet? Absolutely. But of course, I won't make purchases on whim, what I'll usually do is if I have an eye on a particular product, I'd just pop by the counter and test the products out first. Sign up for for their mail updates, they have great sales & savings every other month. With the year-end and Christmas creeping up, am sure you'll stumble on few good bargains *wink*

P/S : After re-reading this post, it sounded like I am paid for the write-up, but NO. This is solely base on my experience and my satisfaction :)

I am a beautyholic.

...Not literally... yet. But let me tell you how I got hooked.

Back some months ago, my moisturizer ran out, but I didn't want to restock the same one. I got bored of the skincare brand that I was on, so I thought maybe I'd just get a "temporary" replacement for the moisturizer first, before I switch brand. I usually get the whole range from 1 brand, from the cleanser, toner, down to the eye cream. But this time, I am going for variety.

I constantly find myself wandering into local drug stores and departmental stores. Either nothing tickles my fancy, or I'd get myself spoilt for choices, and then, I just couldn't decide what to purchase and step out empty handed. So anyway, I decided on Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream, grabbed a 20g bottle on a whim (it comes in 50g as well) and paid for my purchase. Slather it for the next few days, my skin seem to fair well, no breakouts, and most importantly, it did not leave any oily feeling on my skin.

Cut the long story short, I turned to the web, looking up information on Total Effects and how people rate it, I stumble on more & more beauty blogs and reviews, and been reading and updating myself ever since. Beauty blogs, has become my staple read on daily basis. Then there is StrawberryNet. and made my 1st online purchase. I never knew purchasing beauty products online was so gratifying! tehehe! (I don't purchase shoes or clothes online, I can't visualize them on me without physically trying them out first)

What's in the package? I'll save that for the next post *wink*.