Fancy A Tickle?

I do not know where to begin. Let alone where to pick up where I left off 4 years ago. The last post I had on this blog was dated back some time in May'05. I've removed those entries, they're all nicely sittin' in my Draft folder, remain unpublished until I figure a way out to archive them out for my personal safekeeping. Afterall, they're part of my memories.

Ah, of course, the reason I revive this blog, I've been itching' to write again. Not that I've not been writing much (if you consider composing and replying work related emails as part of writing), but writing has always been my sanctuary, channeling my inner thoughts out, keeping a tab on my sanity.

Let's take 1 step at a time. There's so many things I wanted to document out, perhaps, I should make a scrapbook instead? Hrmm...


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