About Me

About Me
  • there is not much you want to know about the writer/owner of the blog
  • I'd prefer to remain anonymous at all times, to safe guard my real identify (I try my best). If you know me personally, please respect my wish to remain anonymous. And all times, please refer to my online moniker - SerraQuaL.
  • this blog was started back in 2003, it was intended to be an online journal, the world the way I see it through my eyes, through my experiences.  
  • now (2009), I've revive it, and promised to keep it updated, writing about everything and anything under the sun - but as it is right now, I am over indulging myself with beauty products and everything for the ladies (I tell you, 'em beauty blogs are poisonous *lol*). So, when time permits, I will chip in my share of opinions.
  • SerraQuaL? *shrugs* beats me. It was a pseudonym picked by a friend back in the good ol' days of MUD-ing. I should get try 'Google-translate' it soon.

My Write-Ups
  • is purely based on my own valuation, perspective and experiences. 
This post is subject to change, I will be adding more liners once my writing muse kicks in. 
To contact me: serraqual[at]gmail[dot]com

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