Weekend Get-Away

So I was in the capital state over the weekend for a dear old friend's wedding, I took the opportunity to check out some brands that I can only find there (even food that we can only find it in KL). It was pretty much of a shop-window shop-eat trip. So many things to check out, so little time! tehehehe...

We checked into the Boulevard Hotel on Friday noon, and straight out to Mid Valley mall. Just as soon as I walked into the North Court, there was theBalm Roadshow, together with a special session to meet Jennifer Sullivan, theBalm's "Celebrity Make-up Artist" from USA. Dang meself, I forgot to snap a few pictures of the roadshow (Jen Sullivan was giving out makeup tips at that time), that would have liven this post up a little bit.

Pamphlet courtesy of Sasa

TheBalm has a few star products of their own, ie, Hot Mama (shadow & blush), Shady Lady (shadow/liner palette) coupled with their unique, vintage styled packaging, it was not to be ignored. It whole product line was quite interesting, until some Metrojaya salesgirls suddenly just appeared in front of me and fidgeted with the products, giggling away with their questions to the other ang moh make up artist (a hunky good looking guy, of course). I left them at their wits, and promised to check out theBalm more when I head home. Oh yes, theBalm's available in all SaSa Outlets.

Of course, there was more walking, window shopping with some purchases (there's much sales going on, wrong weekend *boohoo*) and eating frenzy, of which I will find time to post up.

Oh yes, not to be forgotten, Smashbox! So when I caught wind (actually from MyWomenStuff) that Smashbox is now available locally, I made sure to include Pavilion into my "places to go" list, but scrap it later (I hate the mad traffic in the city). But waddaya know! A friend actually had to drop by Pavilion, I was still able to check it out! Coincidentally, M-IFW ongoing (what luck!), but it started raining storm-crazy, and I had rush off to prepare for the evening's wedding reception (the thought of heading back to Midvalley and back to the city center within 2 hours in the torrential rain and KL traffic, I shudder at the thoughts of it... bbbrrrr) I so wanted to try out the Photo Finish primer that beauty bloggers were raving about (yes, quite need a primer, my makeup always disappears 3-4 hours later, urggh!), it retails for about RM136 or RM139, I can't remember. So I picked up at the trial kit instead @ RM169 (pricey actually, as it retails for USD29 from the website) but I needed to test it out if it works for me, just in time for me to test it out for the evening's wedding reception. Reviews out soon!

T'was a weekend well spent, so now am back home with a sore feet, and nursing a nasty cold & sore throat. I must have over indulged myself with the food. *gulp*

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