Spotted : Envirosax @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Some nifty designed bag hanging on a rack caught me eyes not long ago. Waddayaknow! Environsax has finally made it to this lil' island. 


Envirosax is one of the many brands of reusable, environmental friendly bags. Instead of using the regular non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags which snaps or breaks easily (and generating tons of waste, suffocating Mother Earth), why not opt for reusable, sturdy, fashionable bag to hold your groceries, shopping haul, etc.

I've started to minimize the use of plastic bags with this eco bags. Got meself 1 of this, plus 2 other from RuMe some time ago from TinyTapir, which I will review when time permits. 

If you're local, and itchin' to get this snazzy designed bag, you find it at the ladies floor (new wing), near the escalation of Parkson in Gurney Plaza. It retails at RM24.90.

If not, check 'em out at TinyTapir with their discounted price (for Envirosax) if you happen to pop by KL *wink*. They do charge for domestic shipping though.


Tine said...

Ooooh thanks for letting us know! I'm actually thinking of getting a new one, since mine is looking rather poorly. RM24.90 - cheaper than Australia! :D

SerraQuaL said...

Tine! you're the first to comment in my entire blog! *glees with excitement* Thanks for taking time and checking out my blog!